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Social Studies

Investigating the Past, Understanding the Present, Shaping the Future

social studies grade 7 medieval history

Social Studies 7 reflects upon the The Medieval World and Beyond by considering the modern-day impact and implications based on the following cultural, religious, and intellectual contributions:

  1. Medieval Europe;
  2. Medieval Islam;
  3. Early West-African Societies;
  4. Imperial China;
  5. Medieval Japan;
  6. Native-American Empires;
  7. European Renaissance and Reformation; and
  8. European Thought in the Modern Age.

Social Studies 8 brings students on a journey back to The United States Through Industrialism by examining the ideological foundations, watershed moments, and societal tensions based on the following key factors:

  1. Our Colonial Heritage;
  2. Revolution Within the Colonies;
  3. Forming a New Nation;
  4. Launching a New Republic;
  5. Expanding A Nation;
  6. Mid-1800s Reforms and Conflicts;
  7. Challenges to the Union;
  8. Migration and Industrialization; and
  9. The Emergence of a Modern Nation.