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Cougar Parent Club

Welcome to the Newark Junior High School Cougar Parent Club!

The Newark Junior High School Cougar Parent Club (CPC) is a group of dedicated volunteer parents and guardians, whose mission is to support our school and educators, and to provide a healthy, safe, fun and educational learning environment for our students.  We volunteer our time, resources and enthusiasm.
Junior high is a transitional time between elementary school and high school.  Parent and guardian involvement and support is needed even more as children become young adults.  The CPC is a great way for parents and guardians to meet others with the same goal--that all our students have two amazing years at Newark Junior High School (NJHS).  Two years go by quickly.  Please consider getting involved now.  


Monetary Support:
To support the staff and students as well as the many electives offered at NJHS, we ask our parents, guardians, and community members to support us monetarily throughout the year.  We would ask that all families make a flat donation to the CPC at the beginning of the school year.  With your donations early in the year, we can reduce the year-round fundraising for all the different programs to benefit your student.  Your donation will be graciously received and acknowledged, and your donation is also tax deductible.  We also reach out to our very supportive community through different donations and grants and as well as encourage school-wide fundraisers to support specific programs. 


Donating to CPC:
A letter will go home with your summer registration packet, asking for a monetary donation.  Please consider supporting this worthy cause - our students.  Please make the check payable to the: "NJHS Cougar Parent Club."  And of course, a donation at any time during the year is greatly appreciated!  


Money is raised to purchase needed classroom supplies, materials and services.  We also support school dances, clubs, and other school activities.  We set CPC goals early in the school year, and work hard to achieve those goals.  With your support of a monetary donation early in the school year, the amount of CPC fundraising would be greatly reduced. 


Volunteer Opportunities:
The school has many occasions where they need parent and guardian volunteers throughout the year.  By signing up with the CPC, we will keep you informed of such needs.  If you cannot volunteer your time, we also greatly appreciate your support by contacting your student's teachers and see if you could out help with anything.   


School Loop: 
It is imperative that all parents and students sign up on the NJHS School Loop website.  Not only is it an educational tool to see how your child is performing, but it is also a way for the school and CPC to communicate directly to your INBOX with important information.  Please make sure that both you and your student sign up.  Your student can view updated grades, upcoming assignments, download additional resources, and so much more.  And, both parents and students can see their grades every day and also see if there are any missing assignments or projects due.  It's an educational tool, to give you and your child visibility into their daily school lives.


CPC Meetings:
Cougar Parent Club meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of the month (with a few exceptions), starting at 6 pm within the school library.  Times and dates may change from year to year due to school or district calendars.  With almost 900 students at the school, it is very important that parents and guardians attend our meetings, so you can be a part of the decisions affecting your children and school community as a whole.  Please try to attend at least one meeting a year.  With you there, we are able to hear your input and suggestions.  We cannot do everything we want and need to do, without parent and guardian involvement. 


CPC Sign Up:
Just because you sign up with the CPC, does not mean you have to volunteer for anything or attend a meeting, but it is welcomed.  Your email will only be used to convey important information to our fellow parents throughout the year.  The email will only be used for that purpose and you can opt-out at any time. Please contact the school office to be added to the CPC email, or complete the registration flyer. 


Communication is key to success!


Thank you!

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